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Vista Residences : Morrison Heights Espana For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 4,088,280 21.98 sqm
Executive Studio ₱ 5,069,000 28.07 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 6,258,000 35 sqm

A perfect place for your children as students is a home where they can feel “at home.” Morrison Heights by Vista Residences is clearly a wise, logical choice. Parents can make a worthy, judicious investment o this property, especially if you have a number of children going through college. A legacy that you can even pass on to your children’s children.

Who says “premium student condominium” is pricey? You can choose a unit here that fits your budget and needs. It is well affordable and quality at that. You want the best of everything for your children – a cozy, warm abode complete with amenities that would spell a work-study-life balance. This is what you are looking for all along so grab the chance and check it now.

Morrison Heights will set the dynamic and modern vibe to a student’s life. It is where he can be at peace – knowing he can focus in his studies well but can enjoy life at the same time. After all, he would not need to commute daily and endure the hours of traffic. After all, the comfort, ease and pleasure of having to just walk to your office or university is an uncommon luxury these days. The time can be spent on studying alone and taking leisure activities whenever you can for wellness and pleasure.

With a homey ambiance, a convenient community and a relaxing environment to provide a worthy balanced lifestyle, how can you resist? This is what Morrison Heights is all about – it is not just a wish or a dream alone but also soon, a reality that’s worth looking forward in the future.

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