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What the community offers like its facilities and amenities spell the difference in enticing prospective residents to liking them. Features that will bring wellness, happiness and leisure, certainly would make one excited to live in a home surrounded by them. Here at Morrison Heights, a number of features would truly make you excited.

In fact, this property has a so-called Amenity Level where you can find all these facilities: a study hall, a gym, a function room and a pool deck. This is so easy and convenient for everyone. If you need to stretch a bit before you study, you can swim in the pool or flex your muscles in the gym. Then, the study room is all yours where you can focus on your studies, research or project. When you need to celebrate a special occasion, a function room is readily available. Or in case you need to meet-up with fellow office colleagues or college classmates, it is an option for you, too, so you would not go out of your home. It is less costly as well.

This community has 24-hour security with provision for CCTV cameras in the right spots so you need not worry. Of course, the whole property is covered with perimeter fence as well. Parents – keep in mind that your children are safe and protected here. Other common unit features include: fire alarm and sprinkler system, fiber optic FTTH system and toilet and bath exhaust systems.

Little children have enough room to play, run and tumble since there is a play area where they can even socialize with neighbors’ kids. The kiddie pool is not so far behind so enjoy weekend bonding with your family. The children can swim to all their hearts’ content and the good thing about it is you need not go out of your home. A lap pool is also available for the adults. There is also a pool shower area for everyone’s use. Weekend bonding is definitely an agenda for you and love ones. Organize swimming parties. Bask in the sun and indulge in your favorite coolers. Read a book and just enjoy the time you spend with each other.

As mentioned, a fitness gym is waiting for you in the Amenity level. So, run, jog, walk, flex, stretch and bend. You deserve few minutes to workout for your health. It will keep you de-stressed and healthy at the same time. What’s more – modern, high-tech fitness equipment are there for you to use and maximize while doing your daily routines. As they say, “Health is wealth.”

For the enterprising professionals and students, you’ll be glad to know that there’s also a commercial/retails space so if you want to go into business of your own within your home – then, this will be a great opportunity. For the residents, they surely would welcome this as it means they can just go around the neighborhood and spend their leisure time while going through all the retail shops. Isn’t that a treat? Anytime is shopping time!

For the students who are more focused with their studies, the retail shops will be a big help since what you need – you can get there without stepping out of your homes. A real time-saving deal it is! If you need to do some laundry, there’s also a provision for a laundry station inside the neighborhood so that’s another plus for you. As you go to your school or university everyday – you need not worry about personal necessities such as washing your clothes or doing groceries. Everything that you need is within reach.

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